Meet Dan
Head Coach, Coached By Dan

My name is Dan Rees and I’m an online coach based in Dublin, Ireland. I began Coached By Dan Online Coaching in August 2018. After dropping out of college to pursue a career in helping people build confidence and achieving their dream physique, I quickly found myself catering to the masses online to do just that.

Why do I do what I do? The reason behind this service is simple. To empower men and women in Ireland and across the world achieve things they thought were never possible. Weight loss, building strength, achieving your dream body and seeing an increase in confidence are issues people face so regularly. With the passion I have for helping these kinds of issues, I knew there was a way I could help. I have experienced being both extremely underweight and overweight. They are two points in my life I remember lacking confidence and not feeling at my best. From overcoming them and seeing the happiness and confidence it's brought me, I want to do that for as many men and women as I can!

Through endless accountability, providing a tailored plan, giving you structure and constantly checking progress we can start to see new habits, lifestyle changes and a brand-new attitude and mindset towards your fitness goals.

Dan Rees

Head Coach, Coached By Dan

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