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Coached By Dan offers a premium online coaching service that goes above and beyond to help you create the happiest, healthiest and most confident version of yourself you can be!

My goal is simple: To help men and women lose weight, build muscle and become both mentally and physically stronger to create the best version of themselves they can be. Coached By Dan Online Coaching makes the plan fit around you, not making you fit the plan. Through creating a positive attitude towards health and fitness, creating a diet you can not only sustain but heavily enjoy and optimizing health markers to allow you to excel, Coached By Dan Online Coaching is here to help you create new habits that will create long term change!


Meet Dan 

Hi, my name is Dan Rees and I am the head coach and founder of Coached By Dan Online Coaching. I began this all for one reason - to help you create the best possible version of yourself you can be. I believe that our health is the only thing separating us from our greatest potential, and it's through Online Coaching, I help people just like you bridge that gap to unlock that potential!



I came to Dan with the goal of losing body fat and becoming happier and just healthier overall. Initially it seemed daunting but Dan made it seem very approachable and was there to answer any question. 

​Working with Dan for the last couple of months has been the best decision I made. The support and encouragement (even mid pandemic) has made my goals 

seem achievable and "easy", something  I hadn't thought weight loss could be.

Dan has taught me to enjoy and embrace the process, celebrating all the small achievements on the way to the major goal. I couldn't recommend him enough!


I think every one has that moment where they know they need help but are too afraid to seek it, I was always the guy who loved going to the gym however my nutrition was holding me back.

I think I just never committed to doing what I needed to do because

I didn't have anyone to back me up and keep me accountable.

My goal starting with Dan was to improve my overall health and fitness and just be a healthier person

Since starting with Dan I've lost just over 35 pounds and I'm feeling great both physically and mentally.


I started following Dan on Instagram at some point during my 3rd year of college and really liked his no-bullshit approach to fitness. When reading his content I didn't feel like he was an influencer just trying to sell me something. Ever since that first call I haven't looked back.

You get out of coaching what you put into it; there were definitely weeks where I 

completely fell off the wagon and ordered takeaway three days in a row, but Dan was always there to help me get back on track. Dan adapted his coaching to my hectic lifestyle and made me look at my whole lifestyle differently. 


I started working with Dan since the 11th of March. After many years of going to the gym and doing various different types of classes in the local gym I said it was finally time to get something that suited my goals. 

The great thing about working with Dan is he doesn’t tell you what to eat he provides you with the information required to make your own choices on meals. In regards to

the gym the daily check ins are great to give you feedback on the previous days nutrition and gym work with reviewing of the videos of gym work sent the day before. 

I would recommend COACHEDBYDAN 110% to anyone willing to achieve their training goals.

Ready to get started on your goals?

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