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Coached By Dan offers a premium online coaching service that goes above and beyond to help you create the happiest, healthiest, and most confident version of yourself you can be!

My goal is simple: To help men and women lose weight, build muscle and become both mentally and physically stronger to create the best version of themselves they can be. Coached By Dan Online Coaching makes the plan fit around you, not making you fit the plan. Through creating a positive attitude towards health and fitness, creating a diet you can not only sustain but heavily enjoy, and optimizing health markers to allow you to excel, Coached By Dan Online Coaching is here to help you create new habits that will create long-term change!

If the below sounds like you, don’t worry – You’re in the right place.

Read below to see how online coaching can create the happiest, healthiest, and most confident version of yourself you can be!

Are you unhappy with how you look right now?

Have you tried getting into shape in the past but had no luck in the process?

Do you find nutrition to be confusing?

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated and disciplined to stick to a plan?

What’s involved

with Coached By Dan Online Coaching

Tailored Plan

A Tailored training and nutrition plan bespoke to your own needs and goals

Goal Setting

Goal setting to give you a constant vision and understand of what you want to achieve and something to keep you driven throughout the process

24/7 WhatsApp support

24/7 WhatsApp support to aid in finding solutions to issues and problems clients face on a daily basis to ensure constant progression to the goals

Weekly & mid-week check-ins

Weekly check-ins & mid-week check-ins to assess progress and make changes where needed

Education Portal

Access to the Coached By Dan Education Portal

Facebook Community

Access to the Coached By Dan Client Exclusive Facebook Community

Several Ebooks

Several Ebooks to aid with diet and nutrition



Real Results

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Jack Kinsella

“I think everyone has that moment where they know they need help but are too afraid to seek it, I was always the guy who loved going to the gym however my nutrition was holding me back.

I think I just never committed to doing what I needed to do because I didn’t have anyone to back me up and keep me accountable.

My goal starting with Dan was to improve my overall health and fitness and just be a healthier person

Since starting with Dan I’ve lost just over 40lbs pounds and I’m feeling great both physically and mentally, everything has improved from my training, eating habits, sleep schedule, and stress.

I’ve learned lots while working with Dan, but one of the main things has been just because I don’t have access to a gym that doesn’t mean I can’t make progress. Dan sent me a new home workout plan and it’s been tough but really fun and challenging.

Most of my progress has happened over lockdown so if you’re interested in improving yourself but are waiting for gyms to open I’d say do yourself a solid and start now because I couldn’t recommend Dan enough.”

Stephanie Barry

This photo makes me so unbelievably happy to share, I won’t lie.

I’ve worked with Steff for well over a year now, and to see the change she’s made in that time is honestly incredible.

First things first, Steff is strong. Probably stronger than a lot of the guys and gals reading this (sorry, not sorry)

Arguably, the strongest lady out there

Our focus on this journey hasn’t just been weight, but looking our best, feeling our best and performing our best

Strength has shot up incredibly with a tasty 100kg deadlift in the bag. Body composition shows a tonne more muscle added to the frame and a lot less body fat.

And overall, just functioning like a damn super human.

There is no secret to serious results. Find a coach who suits you, and don’t set a time limit. Go until you’re where you want to be and keep pushing until you’re there!

Eoghan Flanagan

“Well, where do I begin, first of all, Thank You, Dan, For everything I’m getting from your coaching and more is down to your dedication, passion and all-round love and your exceptional professionalism as an online coach, It was fate we met through Instagram as I was following you for a while and loved all your content and website, thank god you messaged me on Instagram that day as my life has changed hugely since I started under your coaching guidance, Your coaching from the very beginning has been unbelievable, to say the least from the consultation call that morning till now you have given me 110% commitment to helping me smash my goals!

I’ve worked under another online coach/PT before and I tell you one thing you are miles ahead of them, you make it so much easier as you are more involved personally as I had to contact my previous Coach through email only and it could take 3-4 days for a reply, I’ve no meal plan which I love personally as I find them too restrictive and hard to maintain long term, with you setting out my macros and I using MyFitnessPal my enjoyment and love of food has grown again!”

Barry McGuire

“Before working with Dan I previously had lots of experience resistance training and was a coach myself too.

While I knew some of what Dan thought I have actually learned a lot of new stuff along the way, especially surrounding stress management and sleep!

The main thing I wanted was accountability, which Dan absolutely provided through WhatsApp contact and weekly check-ins.

I can proudly say I’m the biggest I’ve ever been in terms of the amount of muscle I’ve gained.”

Neil Curran

“I’ve been working with Dan for some time now but things took a turn for the better when lockdown started as I signed up for his online coaching. It was an intensive affair between the training plan and nutrition.

My goal is to get muscle and increase size. Dan is very much hands-on and a great motivator. There’s no airy-fairy talk with him and his approach is practical and manageable.

His expertise is widespread and he brings a very holistic approach to training and fitness. Now that I’ve trimmed off the excess fat and developed more muscle definition, I’m looking forward to moving to the next phase of just bulking up!

I had my doubts that I wouldn’t achieve anything like this but Dan has proved that even for someone like me it’s all within our grasp”

Grainne Flanagan

“I was never sporty or athletic growing up, and never saw the allure of it; but as I got older, I started to realize and value the benefits that a regular exercise and fitness routine bring to the mind and the body.  Cue me properly joining a gym, for the first time, a couple of years ago!  I was moderately active, getting my daily steps in and cycling to work every day, so of course, I just assumed that joining the gym would be enough to lose the extra few pounds gained over the years – this was not to be so!

It wasn’t until I started working with Dan during the 2020 lockdown, that, for the first time ever, I saw the weight drop off and actually noticed my physique change (for the better)!  What Dan offers through online coaching, which I could not achieve alone, is a broad range of constant supports and encouragement, that you can only get from having a coach. An assumption I had about Online Coaching, was that things might get lost in translation – but as soon as I started with Dan I knew this wasn’t going to be a factor.

Dan is an incredible communicator, he asks effective questions, helps you work through solutions in a flexible and pragmatic way, and engages a constant feedback cycle (e.g. through daily and weekly check-ins, technique tips, and clips) with me to help me keep on track and focused on what I need to do to smash my short, medium and long term goals.

Dan works incredibly hard to ensure that every single client maximizes their potential; working through the process of initial goal setting, to then stretching those goals and ultimately helping you convert aspirations to achievements.  For example, I have never, in my life ‘identified’ as a runner, and have always had a mental block about it.  Dan has incorporated run days into my plan and his encouragement and support are helping me to change the mindset I had, and challenge the long-held belief that running was not for me or that I was simply not good at it.  Now I have found a new and totally unexpected love of running, with my first 10 km run scheduled for October this year.

So, I am just a short 12 weeks into this fitness journey with Dan, and whilst I might be 20 lbs down from the outset, the most important change for me is a massive increase in confidence – both in the way I look and the way that I feel. Dan is helping me focus on what is important for achieving sustainable results; such as getting the balance (activity, nutrition, and free-time or nights out) just right, so that I still get the results for the work I am putting in.  Dan has an extensive knowledge base from which he constantly shares his expertise and it clear to me that Dan truly loves what he does and is a dedicated coach to his clients.

I’m really looking forward to continuing this journey with Dan and seeing what amazing things I can achieve in my future!    For anyone who truly wants to make a change, I cannot recommend Dan highly enough…  You never know what you might achieve until you get started!”

Finnegan Hinchey

“I started with Dan in January 2021. 2 years before this, I was training alone, using bits and pieces of info to try and create my own program. I made some progress, but it was infrequent, I felt strong sometimes, but it didn’t always last, same goes for confidence – lockdown only made things more difficult, I found myself lost in what it was I actually wanted to achieve. I

trained because “that’s just what I do”, I didn’t know how to pull myself out. I can tell you now despite it only being 2 months since I started with Dan, all of that has changed.

Never before have I felt so sure in what it is I want for my body and health – I feel stronger, fitter, I feel so much more confident, not just in training but in everyday life.

Dan has helped me tap into aspects of how I view my goals and how with a change in mindset, all can be achieved. Today, I can proudly say I know exactly what it is I want, and with Dan’s help, I know exactly how I’ll achieve it.”

Holly Rorke

“I came to Dan looking to build muscle and to increase my strength as I was struggling to do so myself. It’s safe to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only have I increased my strength massively and built muscle, but my mindset has also changed completely.

I was really stressed about the gyms closing even though I did have a great setup at home. Dan really helped me realize that I could still make progress at home or in the gym. I realize now I was the person holding myself back from progressing because I didn’t really believe I could lift heavier weights. Dan helped me remove that barrier and I couldn’t be happier.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is compete and when Dan came to me and said did I have any interest in doing something like that, I jumped at the idea and I’m now doing my first shoot in July, which is something I never thought I would achieve and I can’t see what’s to come next. I really couldn’t recommend Dan enough.”

John Abbey

“Working with Dan has been eye-opening. I came to Dan with the goal of leaning up and the process was done so professionally and with so much ease!

In the process, I managed to build some solid muscle whilst seeing my body fat drop, sleep improve, stress management reach amazing levels and overall feel so much healthier in my own skin!

I couldn’t recommend Dan enough!”

Jamie Colleran

“Currently, I stand about 3 months with Dan and this program and all I can say is I’m very pleased with everything that has happened so far!

My initial goals with Dan were to lose weight and gain muscle which I did and am delighted with, but after about 5 – 6 weeks with Dan, I realized that my goals were only a small number of things that would change for me and had no idea how great things would become for me.

Before when I would wake up in the morning it was a hassle I wouldn’t be fully awake until about 11 o clock and I felt really sluggish, work was hard and i was almost always tired and nearly never had energy. But thankfully that has all changed and I feel brand new I wake up really bright and am as energetic coming out of work! For me, that’s everything I can go to the gym in the evenings now which looked like an impossibility before.

I’m in the condition I’m in now from hard work and proper eating something I would never have achieved on my own and that’s where Dan comes in. For the money your paying he really goes above and beyond, he’s taught me so many things about nutrition and just living a better lifestyle. That some people think gets in the way of everything else you’re doing but it’s actually the opposite it makes you better at those things because your mind is sharper and body healthier, I think you definitely start to become better at decision making and your mind starts to become more positive. Dan was there all the way through for me answering every question I had which all pays off. But you have to want it. It’s not at all hard to do either!”

Charbel Yazbeck

“I used to always look at hiring a Personal trainer but never knew who to join or to get, so I kept delaying it. I used to always think it’s a waste of money I can just do it myself, but ever since I joined Dan I honestly haven’t doubted it after the first week.

The improvement and progress he has made to both my gym life and my overall life is amazing, my sleep has gotten so much better since starting with him from a normal 6-hour sleep to a cool 8-9 hours now.

I honestly couldn’t recommend him more”

Aisling Murphy

“I started working with Dan back in August, although I’ve always been into sport and have been active I had completely lost all motivation with looking after my self and my fitness at the time and had gained weight which had completely ruined my self-confidence, I’ve known Dan for a good few years and always knew what a great guy he was but was very skeptical at how well online coaching would work for me.

I can honestly say it has been the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. Dan is a credit to himself and the online coaching business, he is an outstanding coach who puts so much time and effort into every aspect of training including sleep nutrition and just overall wellbeing! Not once did I feel trapped or restricted and definitely had my fair share of nights out with a good few “cheat meals” thrown in. Not once did he judge me or make me feel bad for slipping up, he would just take it in his stride and help me to tweak things to get back on track!

I genuinely couldn’t be happier I started this journey with him and I can not put into words how much he has helped with my self-confidence and overall view on myself and my fitness, and can not wait for what’s to come!”

Steph Comiskey

“When I started with Dan at the end of lockdown sure there was a want for fat loss, but that was combined with really improving conditioning, and later strength, for jiu-jitsu. Fast forward 3+ months and I have teammates commenting on my strength for the first time, and being able to go round after round after round on the mats.

The fat loss came as part of that, but mainly because my body only carried what it needed to. Despite previous battles with Bulimia, we worked through it and I discovered along the way how much more there is to exercise than a calorie deficit.

Enjoyment and empowerment importantly come forward as key aspects of it and moreover learning to balance being in the gym 5 days a week with an active college-level social life were really important.
10/10 would recommend M̶o̶s̶e̶s̶ Dan to a friend”

Annalena Dressler

“I’ve always been very skeptical of personal trainers; I’m too anxious to get help in the gym, and I never saw the point of an online coach – I know how to eat right and how to use the equipment at the gym, so why would I pay someone?

I was quite fit (albeit unhealthy) when I started college, but over the next 4 years I saw myself gain almost 22kg and I began to feel miserable. I knew why I was putting on the weight (bad eating habits and not enough exercise), but I didn’t seem to have the willpower to change.

I started following Dan on Instagram at some point during my 3rd year of college and really liked his no-bullshit approach to fitness. When reading his content I didn’t feel like he was an influencer just trying to sell me something. It took another few months for me to work up the courage to actually sign up for his coaching, and I was still a little skeptical during our first consultation call. But ever since that first call I haven’t looked back.

I won’t lie and say that change happened overnight, but suddenly I had someone holding me accountable on days where I wasn’t in the mood to workout and just wanted to eat my body weight in food. You get out of coaching what you put into it; there were definitely weeks where I completely fell off the wagon and ordered takeaway three days in a row, but Dan was always there to help me get back on track.

Dan adapted his coaching to my hectic lifestyle and made me look at my whole lifestyle differently. I love that we worked on so much more than just exercise and food; we looked at my stress levels, my digestion, my sleep, and I learned not to stay on my phone until way past midnight. Not only do I love what I see when I look in the mirror now, but I also feel in control of my lifestyle, and I no longer spiral and panic when I miss a day of training or eat an “unhealthy” meal.

My relationship with food and fitness has changed completely, and I know that I wouldn’t have gotten this far without Dan’s help.”

Isabelle Scrivens

“I can’t thank Dan enough for all the help, guidance, belief, and confidence over the last few months. I was very skeptical about having another coach as I have had one in the past and it wasn’t successful but teaming up with Dan has been the best thing I have ever done.

“I started following Dan on Instagram and saw the progress he had made with others, I decided to give Dan a message during the lockdown, and from day 1 I haven’t looked back.

My goal was to lose weight but what I didn’t realize is that I would have other goals and achievements along the way.

Dan has helped me fall back in love with the gym again and gain the confidence I once lost. I have people in the gym telling me I’m looking good and they can see a huge difference in me. I don’t feel restricted in any way with my “diet”, I finally got it into my head that it’s not a diet and I don’t have to be super strict, it’s a lifestyle change and I’m still allowed to eat everything I love. Dan is a great motivator and I can’t recommend him enough.

I still have a long way to go but I know with Dan as my coach I’ll get to where I want to be.”

Margaret Forbes

“I came to Dan with the goal of losing body fat and becoming happier and just healthier overall. Initially, it seemed daunting but Dan made it seem very approachable and was there to answer any question.

Working with Dan for the last couple of months has been the best decision I made. The support and encouragement (even mid pandemic) have made my goals seem achievable and “easy”. Something I hadn’t thought weight loss could be.

Dan has taught me to enjoy and embrace the process, celebrating all the small achievements on the way to the major goal. I couldn’t recommend him enough!”

Krishna Chaitanya

I began working with KC about 5 months ago after he had wrapped up with his previous coach.

KC came to me with the goal of getting into the shape of his life for his upcoming wedding so we got straight to work.

A few of the bigger tasks we had to deal with were managing stress, improving sleep and enjoyment when it came to exercise. It’s through focusing on these few points that we have KC in the shape he is now!

Are we done? Absolutely not. Plenty more work to do, but after our initial phase of work, things are ticking along very nicely for KC!

John Condren

“I started working with Dan on the 11th of March. After many years of going to the gym and doing various different types of classes in the local gym, I said it was finally time to get something that suited my goals. Although the classes were good it was more a general workout and not tailor-made to what I wanted.

Working with Dan has been great since the first call that we set up to talk about what I wanted to do and my goals you could sense the enthusiasm straight off the bat I was I signed up from the minute we started talking. The great thing about working with Dan is he doesn’t tell you what to eat he provides you with the information required to make your own choices on meals.

In regards to the gym, the daily check-ins are great to give you feedback on the previous day’s nutrition and gym work with reviewing the videos of gym work sent the day before. At the end of the week the weekly check incomes and like so many people I used to stand on the scales week in week out and see the same numbers looking back at me on the scales however since starting with Dan I have lost a total of 19 pounds and started to show real muscle definition which I never really had before. I even get other people noticing now.

Dan is always able to challenge you in different ways whether it be increasing step counts, adding more weight to lifts, adjusting form while doing exercise. The knowledge the man has is great. There hasn’t been one day over the last 20 weeks where I have lost motivation to work out, this is testament to how Dan has the ability to keep you interested and also to keep on you wanting to do more than just show up at the gym and do a “workout” and go home.

I would recommend COACHEDBYDAN 110% to anyone willing to achieve their training goals”

Aine Nevin

“Working with dan the last while has been extremely motivating and the kick up the rare I needed!

Dan literally looks at everything, the goal he sets with every client is to have them feeling like the superhuman they are, and to be honest working with Dan has made me feel just like that!

It has made a great impact on my life. I can now fit in nights out, food I enjoy, and consistent training! into my lifestyle!… I would say “into my diet” but that would be going against everything I have learned with Dan. Going on a diet is intending you’d come off a diet, but with Dan it has been a lifestyle change, making small improvements to better my fitness to reach my goals and to eat guilt-free by making wise decisions. I

t’s a process that’s just as much mental as it is physical, and it takes time but it’s worth it, can’t wait for what’s to come!”

Gavin Hodgins

“I first met Dan a little over a year and a half ago. I’d been going to Westwood a few years at that stage and was slowly seeing results. Around Christmas time after a conversation with Dan, I decided to invest in personal training sessions with him. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Dan has been great and has kept me motivated throughout these one-to-one training sessions. I’m moving quickly towards my target weight and achieving my goal of the possibility of reversing type 2 diabetes.

I’ve lost 5.5 stone since joining Westwood and with the PT sessions with Dan and a further 2 since moving online!

I’ve learned a lot about nutrition as well as getting maximum enjoyment out of a more active lifestyle. He’s become a great pal and I can’t recommend him enough.”

Simon Ceillier

“I spent many years in the gym but felt I never quite reached the potential.

I reached out to Dan after attending a few classes of his in the gym and upon learning of his coaching services and seeing the results helped people get before, it was a no-brainer!

6 months with Dan and I don’t think I’ve ever looked or felt better!”

Jasmin Humphrey

“I started working with Dan July 2019. The reason I began working with Dan was to follow my dreams of joining the Army which I’ve wanted to do for a while now because I want to help my country and also to follow in my grandad’s footsteps.

I’ve genuinely never wanted anything more than this. I wanted to show that I can do this because If you want something you got to fight hard for it, nobody else is doing the work for you.

Working with Dan helped a lot. I’ve never been one to ask for help but I’m happy I did because now I’m far closer to achieving my dream and I’ve never been happier or more confident in myself.

My advice to anyone who thinks they can’t, you can! The only person that decides how successful you’ll be is yourself, so don’t quit. It might be hard at first but if you put the work in.

If you’re looking for a coach, chat with Dan. I think he is one of the best coaches you’ll ever have and you’ll make a great friend out of it.”

Aisling Reape

“Just wanted to start off and say a huge thanks to Dan for making a huge difference in my life. I started my journey with Dan in January 2021. To be completely honest I was a bit skeptical at the start as I have tried online coaches before with little success. Dan offers a completely different coaching experience. I was never one that enjoyed doing lots of exercise and was a bit afraid of the gym. With lockdown, I was able to work out from home which really suited me and I enjoyed it. Dan’s extensive exercise library was great and helpful as I had very little knowledge of the exercises beforehand. Dan also gave me great encouragement and helped me believe in myself. He offered me great support during the weeks I was really struggling and couldn’t face working out.

Before I even started Dan really took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve. With his guidance and encouragement, I was able to get to where I am today. He really does pay attention and individualize the plan to suit you. Through the weekly and daily check-ins, Dan keeps constant communication. If there are any problems or questions that I have he was always quick to get back to me.

A few weeks in and I’m around 3kg down which I would never have been able to achieve without the help and support Dan has offered me. Dan really does promote sustainability and maintenance of results and supports his clients to achieve more. I’m so excited to see what I can further achieve under Dan’s coaching. For anyone who is skeptical or unsure about starting online coaching, I would 100% recommend Dan. My only regret was not having found Dan sooner!”


“I started working with Dan last November. I was in denial for months about the weight I had put on and knew if it was up to me alone I’d do nothing about it, so having to be accountable for myself and having someone there to support me is what I needed.

Initially, my main goal was fat loss and I started out using a home gym plan. After the first 12 weeks, I saw results but wasn’t sure the way I was training would suit me long term. When I said this to Dan, we discussed what would work and we got back to work with a new training plan. With that in mind, we changed my plan to a more relaxed exercise plan where I look mainly at my steps and also started doing yoga.

To be honest I now feel that I have something that is completely sustainable and that I enjoy and I’m still seeing the results of weight loss with this. I’m very happy with my results so far and can’t wait to see where it goes from here.”

Cian O'Leary

“Before coaching with Dan I was unaware of in most things about fitness, mindset or nutrition. I’ve learned a lot about these topics through him which makes the process of reaching fitness goals easier, more enjoyable, and less of a mystery.

Personally, since working with Dan I’ve learned to enjoy being active much more than previously, and that is largely down to his coaching and him directing his clients towards a more active lifestyle to support long term health goals

It’s great to have Dan there as a person to hold you accountable and to help get you back on track when they have slipped or circumstances have changed.

In short, I couldn’t recommend Dan enough to anyone, especially if you’re looking to make a change and want to learn more.”

Rian Clancy

I came to Dan with the goal of dropping body fat and pushing the limits with how lean I could get.

With the accountability and structure, Dan provided, I was able to drop 11kg and look the best I have in years.

We did so in an enjoyable and sustainable way and I couldn’t recommend Dan as a coach anymore!”

Akanksha Shrivastava

“About 9 years ago I was way heavier than when you first saw me and lost about 15kgs mostly by running and some HIIT workout. In the next couple of years I start gaining weight again but continued being active and was doing all sorts of workouts; running, cycling, HIIT, some weight lifting but nothing consistent and neither was my weight. After a few years, I realized I enjoy weight training the most and got to know that it’s possible to lose weight and most importantly can gain strength while maintaining my weight and with that, as my goal, I needed someone to direct me to the right path.

Last year between the two lock-downs I joined this new cool gym and one day saw a note on the board to contact Dan for a free 45 mins consultation, I asked to set an appointment at the reception, and the next day I met the other Dan instead of the one who wrote the note, I take that as a nice coincidence!

Started off with personal training for 10 sessions, meanwhile, I was also getting interested in online coaching cus it made more sense and also costs less. Little did I know Dan was also an online coach and before he could mention it to me, I asked to join his online coaching on my last day. And boy was it a life-changing journey.

I learned and experienced things that I never knew could work.. it completely changed my mindset towards training and nutrition and trust me that’s all you need rest comes with it!”


For the purpose of keeping this handsome man anonymous, we’ll call him Stephen

I met Stephen in my old gym and he started working with me online about 4 months ago.. AND OH MY GOD, what a ride it’s been

Stephen came to me looking to drop some body fat and from there, lay some solid muscle tissue on top to develop his physique and increase his confidence in himself

His biggest struggles came from a lack of direction and vision. He knew what he wanted, but he didn’t know how to get there. The accountability, guidance, and support of a coach is what he needed to achieve his goals and as we can see, it worked a treat

A little over a stone down, Stephen’s physique has come along enormously! And with gyms opening soon, it means that we’ve put him in such an amazing position to put on some solid muscle tissue!

One of the biggest things I encouraged Stephen to do was to start celebrating the wins, no matter how small. Through this, we begin to appreciate the journey a lot more and THAT is what keeps us going

Not motivation, not some magical feeling inside. Sheer determination and appreciation of the progress being made!

We’re only scratching the surface of what Stephen is capable of, and you can be damn sure to see him here again in the future looking like a new man!

For now, WELL DONE STEPHEN! You are a credit to yourself and the hard work you’ve put in mate!


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