Full Body Workout – Workout Commentary

A full body workout for you guys! Great training split if your gym days are on the lower end (2-3) days per week!

HACK SQUATS 101 – Exercise Library

Hack squats are one of the best squat variations to get a lot more load directed onto the quads! Have a look at the video above and see how to do them as best you can!


Upper body pull focused session from a few weeks ago! WIth my upper sessions, I tend to have either one during my week bias a certain movement category ...

The Barbell Deadlift – Exercise Library

The Barbell deadlift is a staple in most people's training, power lifters in particular! Here's a simple how to going over all checks you need to master the deadlift!

HAMSTRING HELL! – Lower Body Hamstring Focused Workout

Want a big set of hamstrings? It's actually really simple how you do it! All you need to do when performing.....

Ab Training 101: You’re probably doing it wrong!

As a PT, it;s extremely common to hear 99% of the people you talk to want a nice set of abs. In the video above, I go over the best tips in developing and strengthening your abs!


Full chest day commentary from the gym Monasterevin! With my upper sessions, their tends to be a balance between push and pull movements. Today, however, the goal was purely to bring my chest and triceps as close to fatigue as possible! Short and sweet 50 minute session, sure what else would you need?

Incline Dumbbell Curls – Exercise Library

Incline Dumbbell Bicep Curls A great movement to challenge and overload the bicep in that lengthened range. In the video above, I run you through everything you need to know about the incline dumbbell curl and how to maximize the outcome you get from said movement!

Low Volume Lower Body Session!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bqAuspnWPo In today's workout commentary, I voice over a low volume lower body session from a few weeks ago! In this...

Upper Body workout – Push focus

Upper Body workout with a push focus, emphasizing the chest, shoulders and triceps! Training session in GoGym in Greystones, if you're ever down there, be sure to give them a go! Amazing gym! Why? I guess you'll have to watch and find out In the video, I talk about the importance and how to understand resistance profiles, time under tension and tempo!

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One of the most delicious things I've genuinely eaten, these beef skewers are going to blow your mind!

The Art Of Pre Fatigue

Pre Fatigue is a solid training variable that will allow you to place more load on any given muscle group you desire to help further develop it! In the video above we use the glutes as an example how how we can pre fatigue another muscle group to allow the glutes to do more work!


Let’s not beat around the bush here lads. The reason you joined the gym a few days after your 16th birthday is because you...

Full Body Workout – Workout Commentary

A full body workout for you guys! Great training split if your gym days are on the lower end (2-3) days per week!

Hamstring stretch or sciatic nerve?

Hamstring stretch or Sciatic nerve pain? Let's find out!