Q&A #5 – Working a 9-5 and training consistently and eating high calories with...

Working a 9-5 while training consistently, working diet around work events and eating lots with a small appetite!

Q&A #4 – When will you see changes in your physique and how long...

Q: How long will it take before I start seeing noticeable changes in my physique? A: A: It depends what you classify as “noticeable changes”. For example...

Q&A #3 – Resistance bands, tracking calories/ macros and my education in fitness

In this week Q&A, I talk about resistance bands, tracking calories and macros, when and how I move clients into new training blocks and my own PT education!

Q&A #2 – Improve sleep quality, growing your back and the key to staying...

In today's Q&A I dive in 5 questions! The 3 main ones being how to improve sleep quality and stop waking up during the night, how to develop the size of your back and what it takes to stay motivated all the time! Tonnes of valuable information there, some of which I know could be of huge benefit to you!

Q&A #1 – Powerlifting, recovery and caffeine cycling!

In this weeks Q&A, I dive into questions submitted by you guys! This week, I touch on caffeine cycling, recovery tips, powerlifting programs I found helpful and so much more!

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Courgetti Bolognese

Any Italians seeing this, apologies for butchering your food! Pasta can be quite calorie dense but it is, without a question, a delicious addition to any meal! However, I believe there is always a way to make high calories, tasty meals, lower calorie and maintain that great taste! Replace spaghetti with courgetti, job done!


One of the most important factors to bring into your workouts is intensity. The ability to find that place for that hour you train to really let loose and give it absolutely everything...