Hamstring stretch or sciatic nerve?

Hamstring stretch or Sciatic nerve pain? Let's find out!

Full ROM vs Partial ROM

Should you train with a full range of motion or a partial range with more tension in certain areas... Well, when you...

NUTRITION 101 – The fundamentals to take your nutrition to the next level

If you've ever found that you've struggled to really nail your nutrition, you probably haven't nailed your basics! Believe it or not, the basics when it comes to nutrition is very straight forward and simple to follow. Once you have them nailed, your diet will ...


One of the most important factors to bring into your workouts is intensity. The ability to find that place for that hour you train to really let loose and give it absolutely everything...

The Importance of Time Under Tension – What if I added 2 seconds to...

In this weeks educational video, I dive into the topic of time under tension. Time under tension is a pretty vital factor when it comes to your training. What time under tension allows us to do is gain more control over a movement. Once we gain control, we start to use our muscles in ways we haven't really used them before. They get a great deal more stimulation, thus the need to adapt and grow becomes a lot easier!

The Art Of Pre Fatigue

Pre Fatigue is a solid training variable that will allow you to place more load on any given muscle group you desire to help further develop it! In the video above we use the glutes as an example how how we can pre fatigue another muscle group to allow the glutes to do more work!

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At long last, coachedbydan is here! It's a long time in the making but it's finally here for you guys to enjoy...

Upper Body workout – Push focus

Upper Body workout with a push focus, emphasizing the chest, shoulders and triceps! Training session in GoGym in Greystones, if you're ever down there, be sure to give them a go! Amazing gym! Why? I guess you'll have to watch and find out In the video, I talk about the importance and how to understand resistance profiles, time under tension and tempo!


I have never given a client a meal plan. Taking the lazy approach isn't an option for me, and here's why!

Q&A #5 – Working a 9-5 and training consistently and eating high calories with...

Working a 9-5 while training consistently, working diet around work events and eating lots with a small appetite!

Hamstring stretch or sciatic nerve?

Hamstring stretch or Sciatic nerve pain? Let's find out!