DIET GOALS – A simple step to make your diet that much easier!

For individuals nutritionally uneducated, knowing what diet to follow, knowing how to follows diets, what to eat, what not to eat etc… Can be a very tricky thing to do! Especially nowadays, since...

Why the goal of exercise should never be to burn calories…

As a personal trainer and an online coach, I have come across my fair share of requests and goals from clients. No 2 clients are the same and their programming and nutrition will always be personalised to their own specific needs and goals! However, most people that come to me (and I think most trainers will feel the same) for fat loss...


Let’s not beat around the bush here lads. The reason you joined the gym a few days after your 16th birthday is because you...

Cardio vs Free Weight; Which is superior for fat loss?

When it comes to fat loss, we know it's vital to be in a deficit of calories... However, when it comes to your training, what will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of burning calories? Let's find out!


I have never given a client a meal plan. Taking the lazy approach isn't an option for me, and here's why!

How to maintain consistent low weigh ins.

A great way of tracking progress is through weighing yourself on a set of scales. When trying to lose weight or gain weight, the...

How to find your calories and macronutrients to achieve your goals.

What is a calorie? Why do I need to know what my calories are? And, most importantly? How many calories do I need to...

HIIT vs LISS, which is superior for fat loss

When it comes to cardio, the 2 main forms you’re going to see are HIIT and LISS style cardio. They’re 2 very effective and...

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A full body workout for you guys! Great training split if your gym days are on the lower end (2-3) days per week!

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The Barbell deadlift is a staple in most people's training, power lifters in particular! Here's a simple how to going over all checks you need to master the deadlift!


This weeks workout program is built to help you with your glutes! This one isn't just for the ladies as I know plenty of lads ho want a bigger ass! Give it a go and maybe make it a weekly session!


I have never given a client a meal plan. Taking the lazy approach isn't an option for me, and here's why!


Every want a big chest, and now, everyone can! With the use of pre-fatigue, you'll be able to get more use from your pecs and other pressing muscles in this workout!