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The Importance of Time Under Tension – What if I added 2 seconds to...

In this weeks educational video, I dive into the topic of time under tension. Time under tension is a pretty vital factor when it comes to your training. What time under tension allows us to do is gain more control over a movement. Once we gain control, we start to use our muscles in ways we haven't really used them before. They get a great deal more stimulation, thus the need to adapt and grow becomes a lot easier!

Q&A #1 – Powerlifting, recovery and caffeine cycling!

In this weeks Q&A, I dive into questions submitted by you guys! This week, I touch on caffeine cycling, recovery tips, powerlifting programs I found helpful and so much more!

Q&A #4 – When will you see changes in your physique and how long...

Q: How long will it take before I start seeing noticeable changes in my physique? A: A: It depends what you classify as “noticeable changes”. For example...

Full ROM vs Partial ROM

Should you train with a full range of motion or a partial range with more tension in certain areas... Well, when you...

HACK SQUATS 101 – Exercise Library

Hack squats are one of the best squat variations to get a lot more load directed onto the quads! Have a look at the video above and see how to do them as best you can!