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Q&A #1 – Powerlifting, recovery and caffeine cycling!

In this weeks Q&A, I dive into questions submitted by you guys! This week, I touch on caffeine cycling, recovery tips, powerlifting programs I found helpful and so much more!

Hamstring stretch or sciatic nerve?

Hamstring stretch or Sciatic nerve pain? Let's find out!


Full chest day commentary from the gym Monasterevin! With my upper sessions, their tends to be a balance between push and pull movements. Today, however, the goal was purely to bring my chest and triceps as close to fatigue as possible! Short and sweet 50 minute session, sure what else would you need?

Q&A #2 – Improve sleep quality, growing your back and the key to staying...

In today's Q&A I dive in 5 questions! The 3 main ones being how to improve sleep quality and stop waking up during the night, how to develop the size of your back and what it takes to stay motivated all the time! Tonnes of valuable information there, some of which I know could be of huge benefit to you!

How to maintain consistent low weigh ins.

A great way of tracking progress is through weighing yourself on a set of scales. When trying to lose weight or gain weight, the...