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The Barbell Deadlift – Exercise Library

The Barbell deadlift is a staple in most people's training, power lifters in particular! Here's a simple how to going over all checks you need to master the deadlift!

HAMSTRING HELL! – Lower Body Hamstring Focused Workout

Want a big set of hamstrings? It's actually really simple how you do it! All you need to do when performing.....

Q&A #5 – Working a 9-5 and training consistently and eating high calories with...

Working a 9-5 while training consistently, working diet around work events and eating lots with a small appetite!

Ab Training 101: You’re probably doing it wrong!

As a PT, it;s extremely common to hear 99% of the people you talk to want a nice set of abs. In the video above, I go over the best tips in developing and strengthening your abs!

Upper Body workout – Push focus

Upper Body workout with a push focus, emphasizing the chest, shoulders and triceps! Training session in GoGym in Greystones, if you're ever down there, be sure to give them a go! Amazing gym! Why? I guess you'll have to watch and find out In the video, I talk about the importance and how to understand resistance profiles, time under tension and tempo!